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Custom case designs

Design services available, no matter the project.
For the basic design

For the basic design

Tailored to your requirements

Tailored to your requirements

For commercial projects

For commercial projects

How it works

Custom designs streamlined
After ordering

After your order is placed, we will get in touch within 12 hours

Sharing your ideas

We'll ask a number of questions alongside your ideas and vision for the project, ensuring the best result

We do the work

After getting a comprehemsive understanding of your unique ideas, we get to work, designing & engineering bringing your design to life

You receive your design

After completion, we set you up with the best suited manufacturer for your unique design. Simply order and receive your dream design

After ordering
Sharing your ideas
We do the work
You receive your design


Hear what previous customers say
OlloKey Klub
They provided valuable guidance throughout the process, suggesting possibilities and communicating limitations.
The collaboration was enjoyable and professional, with Stilou Studio going above and beyond.
With exceptional service they brought my keyboard design to life, offering insightful communication, creative suggestions along the way.
A very transparent and pleasent experience.
ForaZForaz Design
Stilou delivered amazing service for my keyboard design project, offering detailed guidance, innovative solutions, and steadfast commitment.
Great for newcomers, highly recommend for custom designs.

Get access to the best PCB designers

Does your design require a custom PCB?
Get access to a broad network of talented designers, ready to make any layout and any features should you so desire.

Included in all designs

No matter the project, we always include
Acces to global partners for manufacturing & PCB designs
Frequent communication & updates - stay up to date on progress
Project accomodation no matter the budget
A truely unique experience. Your designs engineered for you

Sketch to design

From initial draft to finished design

Featured product

One of our best sellers ever!

Standard Custom Keyboard Design

$499.00 $799.00

Case studies

Take a deep dive in to some of our previous designs
Learn more about the design decisions and thoughts behind our design Lucy.
Spectacle 80
Learn more about our latest release the Spectacle 80 featuring a unique floating design.
Learn more about Exo, and the tri-layered curves combined with the innovative tech implementations.


Have a look at our FAQ or contact us

We aim to deliver all designs within 21 days of ordering.

However this may vary depending on the specific design, and the amount of revisions.

This varies depending on the version.

Basic has 10 total revisions.
Standard has unlimited revisions until the design is manufactured.
Premium has unlimited revisions until the product is sold

Yes, you always own 100% of the rights to your design.
Meaning you are free to re-distribute, modify & profit from it.

We will never showcase or post about your design without written permission.

Most manufacturers require .STEP files when manufacturing your design.

We can provide .STEP .OBJ and .F3D at your request.

Yes, we offer extra revisions should you want to change aspects of your design such as, mounting style, extra weights, extra badges, extra engravings.

Pricing of which will vary depending on the specific changes requested.

When purchasing a design from us, you are buying a manufacture-ready 3d design of your desired design.

The PCB design and manufacturing costs, are to be dealt directly with the designers/manufacturers.
However we always offer to connect you with the best manufacturers and PCB designers for your project.