Basic Custom Keyboard Design


Product Description

Discover the perfect blend of simplicity and personalization with our Basic Custom Mechanical Keyboard Case Design Service. This service is ideal for those who appreciate a streamlined approach to customization, without overwhelming choices.

What We Offer

Pre-Defined Layouts and Mounting Methods: Choose from a curated selection of popular keyboard layouts and mounting styles. Our Basic version simplifies the design process while still allowing for a touch of personal customization.

3-Part Construction: Each design comprises three essential parts - a top, a bottom, and a plate. This limitation not only ensures a sleek and elegant design but also makes the assembly process straightforward and hassle-free.

Beginner-Friendly Experience: If you're new to the world of custom keyboards, this service is an excellent starting point. We provide guidance and recommendations, making it easy for you to make informed choices.

Connect with the Best Manufacturers: While we specialize in design, we also assist in bringing your project to life. We help set you up with the most suitable manufacturer, ensuring your unique design is produced with the highest quality and care.

Why Choose the Basic Version?

Simplicity and Elegance: Our Basic service focuses on delivering a clean, minimalistic design that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

10 Revisions: To ensure you get a result you are happy with, we offer 10 free revisions for you to change any aspect of your design. 

Affordable Customization: Get a taste of personalization without the complexity or cost of more advanced options. It's the perfect balance of individuality and affordability.

Ease of Decision Making: With fewer choices, the design process is more straightforward, making it less daunting for those new to custom keyboards.

Begin Your Custom Keyboard Journey: Ready to step into the world of custom mechanical keyboards? Choose our Basic Custom Mechanical Keyboard Case Design Service and create a sleek, personalized keyboard that aligns with your style and functional needs.

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Full Ownership
Access to Manufacturers
Access to PCB Designers
Unlimited Parts
Unlimited Revisions
Any Layout
Any Mounting Method
Full Commercial Guidance
Access to Render Artists