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At Stilou Studio, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. "Lucy," stands as a beacon of our passion for innovation and our commitment to the art of mechanical keyboards. This blog post is a journey through the design ethos and the meticulous craftsmanship that "Lucy" embodies - a creation that is as much a piece of modern art as it is a testament to mechanical excellence.

Inspiration and Ideation

"Lucy" is not just a product; it's a manifestation of our dream to combine elegance with ergonomic design. We chose a rich purple for its depth and vibrancy—a color that not only aligns with our brand identity but also adds a touch of luxury to the user's desk. It represents our ethos: bold, innovative, and always elegant.

The Touch of Elegance: Gasket-Mounted Plate Design

We've adopted a gasket-mounted plate for "Lucy" to provide a typing experience that's both fluid and precise. This design choice ensures a cushioned bottom-out and a softer, more muted sound on each keystroke, enhancing both the tactile and auditory experience of the user.

The Foundation: Geonworks Feet

A keyboard should stand as steadfast as its user's ambition. That's why we incorporated Geonworks feet into "Lucy" - for a sturdy, non-slip foundation that complements the sleek design without drawing attention away from the keyboard’s elegance. With some of the screws hidden underneath, the feet not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but a functional one as well. 

Advanced Connectivity: AI03 C3 Unified Daughterboard

At the core of "Lucy's" connectivity, we have the AI03 C3 Unified Daughterboard. We selected this for its performance and compatibility, ensuring that "Lucy" uses as many user-replacable parts as possible, to make it possible for the user to replace parts should they want to.

The 70% (FRL) Layout: Efficiency in Design

We understand that desk space is precious. Our choice of a 70% (FRL) layout strikes the perfect balance between essential functionality and compactness, catering to those who appreciate efficiency and a minimalist approach.

Minimalism at Its Finest

In designing "Lucy," we've adhered to a philosophy of minimalism. We've concealed screws and crafted sleek lines to maintain an uncluttered aesthetic that speaks volumes without a word. Incorperating a sleek and minimal engraving over the arrow keys, It’s our ode to simplicity and sophistication.


With "Lucy," we invite you to experience the culmination of our design journey. It’s a piece that stands at the intersection of passion and precision, of vibrant aesthetics and unparalleled functionality. As you explore "Lucy," we hope you find not just a tool, but a partner in every keystroke on your path to creating greatness.

The accompanying images are a window into the soul of "Lucy." They capture the essence of our design philosophy at Stilou Studio, showcasing the intricate details and harmonious component integration that make "Lucy" not just a keyboard, but a keystone of creativity.


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