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At Stilou Studio, we craft more than just keyboards; we create experiences that resonate with every touch, every glance, and every keystroke. Our latest innovation, "Exo," is the embodiment of this ethos - a design that is as revolutionary in functionality as it is in form. In this extensive exploration, we reveal the inspirations and intricate design elements that mold "Exo" into the marvel it is.

The Inspiration: Bridging Function and Elegance

"Exo" is inspired by the desire to merge the graceful lines of modern sculpture with the robust functionality of professional-grade tools. We envisioned a keyboard that not only serves as a reliable instrument for the user but also stands as a piece of contemporary art on any desk.

The Design Philosophy of "Exo"

A defining feature of "Exo" is its large curved weight, a bold design choice that allows us to craft a keyboard with a pronounced and elegant curve. This element does more than add aesthetic value—it also enhances the overall stability and sound damping of the keyboard. By selecting materials known for their sound-enhancing qualities, we ensure that "Exo" delivers a typing experience that is as solid and satisfying as its build.

The Art of Curves: A Tri-Layered Profile

The side profile of "Exo" is a symphony of three distinct layers of curves, each representing a different part and design philosophy. The interplay of these curves not only provides a visually striking silhouette but also exemplifies our commitment to ergonomic comfort and hand-feel. The layering technique is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of mechanical keyboard design.

Compact Without Compromise: The 75% Layout

In choosing a 75% layout for "Exo," we cater to those who require efficiency without sacrificing functionality. This layout offers the perfect blend of a compact footprint and essential key access, making "Exo" suitable for both prolific typists and aesthetic connoisseurs. It's an exercise in minimalist efficiency, providing everything you need in a streamlined, more accessible form factor.

Innovating Interaction: Fingerprint Reader Integration

In an era where security is paramount, "Exo" integrates cutting-edge technology with a custom-engineered fingerprint reader housed above the arrow keys. This strategic placement is not just about security; it's about seamless integration into the user's workflow. The reader's casing is designed to blend with the keyboard's aesthetic, ensuring that form never sacrifices function.

A Sound Profile to Savor

Every keystroke on "Exo" is a note in a concerto, with materials selected for their ability to promote a sound profile that is both deep and resonant. The solidity of the build translates into a typing experience that feels grounded and intentional, with sound dampening that echoes the quiet corners of a professional studio.

Engineering Elegance

The journey from concept to creation is fraught with challenges, but with "Exo," we turned these challenges into opportunities. The custom-engineered casing is not just a housing for innovative features like the fingerprint reader—it's a statement of our engineering prowess and a beacon of what's possible when design meets technology.

The "Exo" Aesthetic

As you observe "Exo" from every angle, you'll notice that it's more than a peripheral - it's a centerpiece that demands attention without clamouring for it. The three-layered curves on its side profile are a visual and tactile invitation to engage with a keyboard that respects the touch of every user.


"Exo" is the culmination of our relentless pursuit of perfection at Stilou Studio. It's where aesthetic meets utility, where sound meets silence, and where every curve has a purpose. With "Exo," we invite you to not just type but to engage in an experience that celebrates every aspect of mechanical keyboard design.

As creators, we revel in the details, and "Exo" is a testament to this passion. From the sweeping curve of its weight to the innovative fingerprint reader and the symphony of its sound profile, "Exo" is a keyboard that's designed to inspire, to endure, and to redefine the standards of what a mechanical keyboard should be.

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