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Now available - the last 3 extra units of our Beak 6.5 PCB.

Each purchase includes:

1 x Beak 6.5 PCB

1 x Unified C3 Daughterboard

1 x JST Cable

1 x EC11 Rotary Encoder

3 x Extra Feet


*Please note, you will need to sign at delivery


Have a look at our FAQ or contact us

When purchasing a design from us, you are buying a manufacture-ready 3d design of your desired design.

The PCB design and manufacturing costs, are separate and are to be dealt directly with the designers/manufacturers.
However we always offer to connect you with the best manufacturers and PCB designers for your project.

Yes, we offer extra revisions should you want to change aspects of your design such as, mounting style, extra weights, extra badges, extra engravings.

Pricing of which will vary depending on the specific changes requested.

Most manufacturers require .STEP files when manufacturing your design.

We can provide .STEP .OBJ and .F3D at your request.