Stilou Studio ApS

Is a newly created company based in Denmark.
Our main focus is creating high quality consumer electronics with a twist.
We strive to produce daring designs, meaning they stand out from everything you have ever seen. 
BEAK 6.5 rendered by MVKB.com featuring KAM Command
Our first offering - BEAK 6.5 is made by creatives for creatives.
Featuring a compact yet effective design.
We are excited to share our creations with the community and hope to release many more designs in the future! (Multiple designs are already in the works)
After entering the hobby around 2 years ago, we knew we had to create our own design. After months of planning and designing, with multiple rounds of prototyping, we can safely say that we are now ready to sell.
We hope to be able to provide new and refreshing designs for years to come.
Cheers, Sebastian
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